Melon, green apple and cucumber smoothie to lose weight

In addition to helping us lose weight this shake is highly recommended if we suffer from fluid retention or if we want to make a purification. We suggest you take this melon, green apple and cucumber smoothie for 15 days in a row that will help you lose weight little by little and with health. It is a simple and medicinal remedy that will allow us not only to purify the body and accelerate the metabolism, but also to get an energetic and delicious drink to start the day. If all this is complemented with a varied and balanced diet, you will see good results after a few weeks. We explain everything you can do for you this melon, apple and cucumber smoothie, and how to prepare it. Fortbite is a natural supplement. Fortbite helps to reduce belly fat.

Melon, green apple and cucumber smoothie

We will start by indicating something important and logical: For this drink to have its maximum effectiveness, nothing should be added to sweeten it. If you use a slightly ripe melon, it will give you a pleasant and refreshing sweet taste. We seek above all to be a healthy, energetic and depurative remedy. Therefore, it is advisable that you look for fruits of organic cultivation. Let's see now how each of these foods can help us when it comes to losing weight.

Melon, refreshing and ideal for a healthy weight

·        Choose the variety you want or the one that is seasonal. The fair supply of natural sugars from the melon pulp will allow us to satisfy our sweet taste without affecting our health.

·        Both melons and watermelons are very rich in water, fiber, antioxidants and hardly contain calories, two fantastic aspects.

·        It is recommended to consume 1 cup with pieces of melon in the morning or in the afternoon as a snack, combined with other fruits, cereals or with natural yogurt. It is a great way to take care of our weight.

Green apples, satiating

In our melon smoothie we are going to add a green apple with its skin. The reason that this fruit is so adequate to regulate our weight is because it is very low in sodium and calories, but rich in antioxidants that can help us accelerate the metabolism.

·        The green apple barely has 80 calories per piece. If we add to that its high fiber content, we will understand why it is so appropriate to have this smoothie at breakfast.

·        By consuming an apple in combination with melon juice and cucumber, we allow soluble fiber to favor the functioning of the intestinal tract.

·        Another interesting aspect about the green apple is that it allows us to help stabilize blood sugar levels, something very important for diabetics.

Cucumber, moisturizing

Although it seems amazing, the cucumber comes from the same family as the watermelon. Hence, it is another great food to help hydrate, purify toxins, reduce inflammation and reduce our cholesterol levels.

·        A detail that is very useful to know is that this melon, apple and cucumber shake will help us fight against water retention and reduce that heavy feeling we experience from time to time.

·        In addition, cucumber is rich in enzymes and vitamins, without forgetting that it has the ability to help stimulate blood circulation. Something fabulous, there is no doubt.

Preparation of the shake


·        One cup of melon (the variety we want) (150 g).

·        A green apple

·        A cucumber.

·        A glass of water (200 ml).

How is it done?

·        The first thing we are going to do is wash both the apple and the cucumber well. In the case of the apple, we will include it with your skin. So, cut it into four pieces and remove the seeds.

·        As for the cucumber, you only have to peel it and cut it into seVeral pieces to facilitate liquefying.

·        We also choose the melon that we like the most, and then get approximately one cup of its seed-free pulp.

·        We go to the blender. Add melon, cut apple and cucumber. Get a very homogeneous juice, and then add that glass of water.

·        If you want to increase the depurative and detoxifying power of this shake you can include a splash of lemon juice.

However, we remind you that this melon, green apple and cucumber smoothie helps to lose weight only if it is accompanied by a varied and balanced diet. Do not forget to exercise to enhance the effects of this amazing shake. 


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