5 natural remedies to get a flatter belly

In addition to including these supplements in our diet, to get a flat stomach it is convenient that we modify our diet and practice physical activity on a regular basis. Reducing measurements in the belly area is not easy, since unfortunately, this is one of the parts of the body that more fat tends to accumulate. Although healthy eating and also exercise contribute to a large extent, it is almost never enough to keep it at all times with the desired proportions.

Therefore, efforts should be continuous and, where possible, should be supplemented with some home remedies to activate the metabolism and also to reduce inflammation. And, although the industry offers some "fat-burning" products, it has been shown that the best way to achieve this is through natural methods. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of ingredients that we can combine and prepare to supplement the diet in order to lose volume. Next we want to share the 5 most effective, so you can see that they are excellent for your belly. Ikaria lean belly juice is a natural supplements. Ikaria lean belly juice helps to reduce belly fat.

Do not stop trying them!

1. Drink of garlic and lemon

The garlic and lemon drink is a nutritional supplement, whose digestive properties stimulate the slow intestinal transit to avoid constipation. It has a high detoxifying value that complements the cleansing of the liver and also of the colon, two very important organs for a correct metabolism of fats. Therefore, since both foods are anti-inflammatory and diuretic, it is not strange that this infusion deflates the belly and defines the figure.


·        2 heads of garlic.

·        3 lemons

·        2 liters of water.

What should you do?

·        Boil the water in a pot and, while it is boiling, cut the garlic cloves into thin slices.

·        Next, cut the lemons into seVeral slices and add them to the pot with the garlic.

·        Let them simmer for 15 minutes and turn off.

·        When it has rested, consume it on an empty stomach.

2. Pineapple juice with flaxseed

Pineapple contains very few calories and is also full of nutrients that help reduce inflammation and lose weight. Its bromelain, a type of digestive enzyme, combats constipation, stimulates the digestion of proteins and also helps prevent the accumulation of fat. Therefore, combined with the digestive and slimming properties of flaxseed, it is a good remedy against abdominal fat.


·        3 slices of pineapple

·        1 tablespoon flax seeds (10 g).

·        2 tablespoons of honey (50 g).

·        ½ glass of water (125 ml).

What should you do?

·        Add all the ingredients in the blender and process until you get a homogeneous drink.

·        Consume it fasting or in moments of anxiety.

3. Green tea for belly fat

Considered one of the most effective fat burners, green tea represents a great alternative to reduce belly measurements without going through strict diets. Its significant contribution of catechins, vitamins and minerals improve metabolism, lower cholesterol and also slow down the damage caused by free radicals.


·        1 bag of green tea

·        1 cup of water (250 ml).

What should you do?

·        Boil a cup of water and, when it reaches a boil, remove it and pour it over the green tea.

·        Let it stand for 10 minutes and consume it.

·        Avoid taking more than 3 cups a day because it has a mild laxative effect.

4. Apple cider vinegar

The alkaline and anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar are beneficial to achieve a thin belly without fat rolls.

Its natural acids regulate the pH of the blood and support the digestive processes for proper absorption of nutrients.


·        1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar (10 ml).

·        1 glass of warm water (200 ml).

What should you do?

·        Dilute the apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and mix well.

·        Eat the fasting supplement, minimum every two days.

5. Beverage of cinnamon and honey of bees

The infusion of honey and cinnamon serves to increase the rate of metabolism and also to improve your ability to burn fat. It has digestive properties that prevent the accumulation of waste in the colon and also the uncomfortable gases.


·        1 spoonful of honey (25 g).

·        A teaspoon of cinnamon powder (5 g).

·        1 cup of boiling water

What should you do?

·        Add a tablespoon of honey and a little cinnamon in a cup of boiling water.

·        Stir until everything is well dissolved and let it stand for 5 minutes.

·        Take it twice a day, two weeks in a row.

Remember that none of these remedies is miraculous nor does it give extraordinary results. Therefore, to achieve a flat stomach you must combine them with various healthy habits, such as good nutrition and exercise.




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