How to reduce premature skin aging?

Skin aging is an irreversible process that appears over the years once a certain age has been reached, which is estimated to be around 25 years of age , after which  the first signs of  aging  begin to appear on the surface. of the  skin This skin aging process is due to structural and functional changes both of internal origin and of environmental or external origin, which produce a progressive deterioration in the layers of our skin. From the appearance of small and fine lines of expression that little by little become more relevant, acquiring width and depth until they become clearly visible wrinkles, all accompanied by loss of volume, sagging of muscles... However, the aging of the skin can be delayed, both by adopting a healthy lifestyle in which we are fully aware of the exogenous causes that favor the aging process, as well as by means of aesthetic medical treatments aimed at preventing, cutting and repairing the signs. visible signs of skin aging. Longevity activator is a natural supplement. It helps to control skin aging problems.

Many factors, both external or exogenous and internal or endogenous, affect skin aging: genes, daily habits and the environment. It can appear at age 30 or even be imperceptible at age 60. We all know young people with evident facial aging, as well as people already of a certain age, who present an enviable skin appearance even for much younger people. The difference between one and the other may be due both to the factors of exposure to the agents that cause skin aging, as well as to differential genetic factors between both types of people, as well as to the possible aesthetic treatments that may have been submitted to prevent and/or correct the aging process. 


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