What are the three types of hearing loss?

How can someone tell if their hearing loss is a sign of a health issue? They inform them that they have been told something and do not recall it when they see that it is challenging for them to follow a conversation, a movie, or the people around them.

In an interview with Infosalus, doctor Victoria Garca Peces of the Otorhinolaryngology Service of the Fuenlabrada University Hospital said that it is common for family members of patients with hearing loss to report that they have discussed daily issues with the patient but he does not remember them, "most likely" because he has not heard it. Cortexi Reviews

"The patient also mentions that he is trying to watch a movie but cannot keep up with it because a lot of information is lost," he continues, advising to consult a specialist at the time when he notices that he does not feel like participating in a conversation because he does not find out, that he avoids meetings with friends or family because they ask him and he has not understood the question.

When it comes to kids, the otolaryngologist advises parents to be wary of any language delays or excessive "what" questions: "In these cases, it is always necessary to rule out that the child does not have a hearing problem."

And it is that these hearing losses, along with noise or tinnitus—although in this article we will focus on the former—are among the primary hearing issues in modern Western civilization, according to this expert. Because the recovery of hearing in some pathologies depends on the promptness in the installation of treatment, it is imperative that we constantly stress the need of obtaining medical attention when a patient discovers hearing loss.



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