Strictiond Ingredients

If you follow the health plan we provide, you won't experience the major health conditions that high and persistent blood glucose levels are closely associated to. It is preferable to prevent high blood sugar levels in order to avoid their harmful effects. And in order to achieve this, an analysis would need to be performed on everyone of us at least once a year (or every six months when there are risk factors). The alarm signals should already sound if the blood sugar levels are higher than 100 mg per dl of fasting blood.


Consume five meals every day, all at the same time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon), and all of these should be consumed within three hours of one another. Breakfast is hearty, and dinner is modest. Your body slows down as the day goes on, therefore you must eat fewer portions. at least eight hours after your last meal. The "fast" between dinner and breakfast the next morning aids in the pancreas' normal healing. Strictiond


If you haven't exercised in a while, start by going for brisk daily walks of 10 minutes, then gradually increase the length and intensity of your walks. The objective is to exercise for 40 minutes four times each week. Add resistance training to it at least twice a week. Additionally, take a short break every half an hour to move about. Breaking the cycle of a sedentary lifestyle, which encourages belly obesity and affects your blood sugar, is the goal. 


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