What are the basic tricks of a diet to lose weight?

Eating a healthy diet to lose weight is paramount. Following a series of easy tricks you will get it without problem. If you are tired of following diets that promise great results without getting anything, we recommend you consider these basic tricks of a diet to lose weight. With them, you can ensure real and long-term results without suffering the usual rebound effect after miracle diets.

Basic tricks of a diet to lose weight

1. Do not eat less

Although it seems incredible, this is the first of these basic tricks of a diet to lose weight. What your metabolism needs to stay active is that you are not restrictive in terms of quantities. The more you deprive yourself of food, the more you will retain what little you give to your body.

Make five meals a day that start with a good breakfast, two healthy snacks, a smart meal - depending on the physical activity you are going to do later - and a light dinner. In every digestion you spend energy, so if you control the rations, your body will start to burn more calories. And, in addition, never skip meals , since the only thing you will achieve is to accumulate hunger, slow down your metabolism and boost the rebound effect if you diet.

2. Do not cut with breakfast

The nutritionists do not stop insisting on the importance of the first meal of the day, which is what starts the metabolism, which gives you energy and helps you regulate the appetite until the meal. Your breakfast should contain healthy carbohydrates, such as bread, cereals or whole-grain crackers with no added sugars or fats; natural juice or fresh fruit, better at the beginning to better digestion. A skim milk or vegetable  if you have lactose intolerance or want to reduce even more calories, coffee or green tea -which will be your first dose of antioxidants-; healthy proteins, with Iberian ham, turkey or egg; and healthy fats, such as virgin olive oil.

3. Itches between hours, but in moderation

In addition to helping you maintain active metabolism and consuming energy, it is the only way to control your appetite and not get too hungry at lunch or dinner. Of course, this pecking should be healthy. Psychologically, it will be a rush of endorphins to be able to eat when you are hungry. Some good options are: natural, unroasted nuts, such as nuts, cashews, almonds or sunflower seeds; a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of red fruits; a skimmed yogurt; an inflated rice pancake; a can of natural tuna or low-fat cold cuts; a couple of oatmeal cookies or a couple of ounces of dark chocolate if you have a sweet attack.

4. Do not suppress carbohydrates

The fourth of these basic tricks of a diet to lose weight has to do with the intake of carbohydrates. The pulses, the cereals, the bread or the integral pasta are not the culprits of your Weight of more. Your enemies are industrial sweets, sliced ​​bread, salty snacks, sugary cereals and refined foods. This type of fast-digesting carbohydrates is what decontrols your glycemic index. Take legumes at least three times a week and the rest of hydrates better integral, since they are slowly dumped into the bloodstream and do not produce spikes in blood glucose.

5. Avoid added sugars

If you do not drink sugar but you cannot lose weight, you may be taking it through sliced ​​bread, packaged vegetables, tetrabrick soups or purees, cold cuts, smoked salmon, yoghurts, precooked foods... You just have to start reading the labels of what you buy to take your hands to your head and realize the amount of sugar you inadvertently eat.

6. Control the desire for sweets

If you have an irresistible desire to take something sweet to your mouth, be it an ounce of dark chocolate, an inflated rice pancake, a homemade sweet, a pair of whole sugar-free crackers, a yogurt with agave syrup or a piece of fruit. But if you are capable, wait a few minutes and instead of eating sweet, take something salty and more nutritious. They will satisfy your hunger, because by eating sweet you will want more sweet in a short time, they will provide you with fewer calories and more nutrients. With these basic tricks of a diet to lose weight you can get better results , by balancing your diet and being more aware of what you eat.




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