7 dietary tricks that can cause an increase in body fat

It is common that many people who want to lose weight supplement their exercises with a solid diet, but not always the advice we receive are the most appropriate when it comes to food. And, in regard to diets, it is difficult to distinguish what is reality and what is fiction, so it is necessary to analyze carefully what is the most healthy for our body. Medical knowledge is of great help in this section, so they will be our bastion to be able to discern the concrete from the ineffective.

Know that dietary habits are going to cause you a greater gain of body fat.

7 dietary habits that will make us gain fat

1. Take juices in large quantities

Although juices are universally recognized as a reliable source of vitamin C , they are full of a high amount of calories. A juice of 500ml can contain between 250 to 300 calories, but few people realize this as it does not contain any fiber, the juices do not generate any feeling of satiety, unlike other foods . Because of this, you are likely to consume more calories per day than you need if you consume juices, so it is more advisable to eat fruits instead of drinking them and hydrating the body using other liquids such as water or coffee, which do not contain this load. Glucofreeze


2. Eat smaller portions of food

Probably many have read or heard that eating small amounts of food during the day is a good strategy to combat fatness. Recent studies have shown that decreasing portions of food can actually be counterproductive. Since it cancels the feeling of satisfaction that eating generates, keeping us in a constant state of "newly fed". This state alters some natural functions of the organism causing us a higher level of risk to suffer from chronic pathologies since it raises the levels of glucose, insulin and inflammatory proteins.

Although there is no answer to what is the ideal daily amount of meals , since each individual is different, it is always necessary to fold the natural amount of 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Glucofreeze Reviews


3. Do not consume gluten

Following a gluten-free diet may sound like a great idea to help your body lose weight, right? However, the reality is very different, since there is no evidence that this element is linked in any way with the loss of weight. On the contrary: many of the food producers must increase the amounts of fat, sugar, sodium, and calories. This happens because it is necessary to increase these elements to compensate for the loss of flavor left by reducing gluten in food.

The secret to losing weight is not to refuse any type of food, but to eat in balance the different types of food, with special emphasis on proteins and fiber.

4. Eat light breakfasts

Usually, many people get up without too much to eat because they are focused on the responsibilities they have to face every day, so they leave their homes consuming only a slice of bread or a small fruit, reducing the calories consumed.

However, this only means that they will eat more calories throughout the day to compensate for this loss and, being the morning when the digestive system is at its best development point, it is not a very wise decision when you want to maintain health of the body.

5. To consume in excess organic foods

Many people get carried away by the fact that organic foods, not being altered with preservatives or chemicals, can be consumed freely without causing repercussions to body weight. However, this is false, because although fats or sugars are organic, they are still elements that generate a considerable weight gain if they are consumed without any type of control.

This type of food is recommended for the environment, but certain dietary routines must also be maintained when consuming them, favoring unsaturated fats.

6. Exceeding the consumption of proteins

Despite the satisfaction that can be produced by eating protein to reduce appetite without resorting to calories, it is also very positive to increase the speed of metabolism, while maintaining muscle mass intact despite weight loss. Glucofreeze


However, hyperproteic diets should not be abused, since there is scientific evidence that diets based on high protein consumption offer no significant long-term benefits when compared to high-carbohydrate diets. On the contrary, high protein consumption generates a high risk of developing different chronic diseases in the body.

7. Eat more "healthy" fats

From the avocado to the almond butter, passing through the hummus and the olive oil; “Fats that do not get fat " seem to be more than ever before. But the problem is that fats contain twice the calories for each gram of consumption in contrast to the consumption per gram of protein and carbohydrates. Thus, even in small amounts, fats tend to contain many more calories. Glucofreeze Reviews


Scientific studies have shown that although fats generate a greater sense of satisfaction, it does not compare with that generated by proteins when consumed in similar quantities. It is not being said that fats must be totally eliminated from the diet , but strict control must be maintained with the calories consumed.


Although most diets are based on reducing the consumption of certain foods, the most important thing will always be the balance that exists between the nutrients and not the total suppression of food. Glucofreeze secrets


Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are equally important for maintaining good health, so daily portions should not be deleted or altered without taking into account the negative results that the body can suffer.



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